It's not the size of the load. It's how you carry it.


"It's not the size of the load that crushes you, it's how you carry it. Bend your knees to pray. Don't breakdown losing hope."

About Us

The Bend Dxnt Break Foundation is dedicated to advancing mental health advocacy by increasing awareness and fostering supportive communities through sports mentorship and engaging events.

Bend Dxnt Break, Memphis is our 15u boys basketball team and we also host an annual youth mental health summit. For more information you can contact us at the number below.

-Founder & President Jeff Trotter

Contact Us: 901-361-1295


Pressure isn't meant to break you, it's merely a tool to make one stronger.

- JEFF TROTTER (Founder & President of BXB)

When things get rough, who do you process life's issues with? I believe we could all use a mentor, friend or personal advisory board in our corner. Don't give up, we definitely need to bend but dont break. You're not alone.

Kevin Pratt (BXB Program Coordinator)

The race isn't won by the swift but by those who endure.

Scott Flemming

Can you put a price on endless motivation? I'm inspired by this message daily. It goes way beyond the game and or the purchase of a product. Thank you!

Matthew Love